Monday, June 8, 2009

My Camry on the Big Screen?

They didn't want me for "The Fighter", but there's a good chance they'll take my car - a stunningly authentic 1986 Toyota Camry: blatantly un-aerodynamic, moon-roof, bald tires (I'll have to remove the Obama stickers). I'll let you know what happens, but let me say first that I got a notice from Boston Casting - a casting call for cars (I had my car listed there too). This could be a Seinfeld moment (remember when George had Jon Voigt's car?) Of course if it is a Seinfeld moment, it will turn out it was Johns, not Jon's car. John Voigt the dentist, if I remember it accurately. So maybe my Camry won't make the final cut. But I think its worth noting that there are many ways you can get your feet wet (and your tires) in the film industry.

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