Sunday, November 1, 2009

also starring, in barfabetical order..

Yes I know, I'm not a 'featured extra' in the Zombies rock video that premiered at the Independence Mall this week (where else but a Mall!) .. but I'm a 'creatured extra'. How many extras get to do drooling close-ups? How many extras get to bite the bass player? How many extras get invited to the grand premiere?

So okay, you have to be quick - watch closely, or you probably won't notice me at all. But if you don't blink, there I am: drooling against the glass, then again - more drool, then rising up out of the bushes to take The Longwall's bass player down (tongue out, fast-food look in my riveting blue eyes).

I may not be able to add this to my acting resume - but when your 24-year old son is green with envy, you know you must be doing something right.

So spread the news (pass the link around), and let everyone get a look at this, the first full-length rock video from the Wunderkinds (Lou Janetty, Josh Bethoney, Steven Madden, et al) at Rock Media (Plymouth Rock Studios)

Thanks to everyone involved for a good time, especially The Longwalls themselves) - and please think of me if you need to cast a thoughtful, sympathetic, seems as if he could almost talk, middle-aged zombie in your next film.

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