Monday, July 20, 2009

Dealing with Rejection..

Yes, you've faded a bit: that lustrous, deep maroon exterior has taken on a ruddy, mature tone. And no, the old pipes aren't what they used to be: there's a rattle to your 'voice', and a rumbling from somewhere deep within. But they must have seen something, otherwise they wouldn't have asked you to audition. There are still appealing aspects to your overall construction: your interior is in surprisingly good shape, your veneers as appealing as ever. So what that they chose another... vehicle.

Don't let it get you down. You're a year or two from antique status: you can proudly call yourself a classic. Your original owner doesn't drive anymore, but the son-in-law that inherited you isn't embarrassed to take you out for a spin.

You didn't get the part, but that's probably because you looked too good for your age. Did you notice 'who' they chose? That old, rusted K-car with the stuffing come out of the upholstery and the strange smell emanating from the trunk. They weren't looking for good looks, they were looking for a car that makes the star look good by comparison. You were technically the right age, but you just look too good to be 23!

Remember: the movie is called The Fighter, so they needed a car that looks like somebody gave it a good beating.

(My 1986 Toyota Camry had a tryout for the Mark Wahlberg film, The Fighter, which has been filming in Lowell, Massachusetts for the past two weeks or so. It came down to nine vintage vehicles, but my maroon beauty didn't make the final cut)

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