Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Extras, Groupies, Wannabees and... others

So okay, I've got no pride: I'm going to be an extra on a movie set with a guarantee of no money, no credit, no nuttin.. But honest, I'm not a groupie, or a deluded wannabee. I'm doing it "for the experience". It may turn out that this experience is limited, at best, but I'm hoping that I can watch a little of the process, see the real actors at work, and use my age and intelligence to glean valuable insights into what it will take for me to take the next step. Sure, in the back of my mind I am thinking, 'I could be discovered'. They may need a fat-faced, middle-aged, punch-drunk personality like mine, and over a shared energy bar at the back of a non-descript function room those personality traits of mine that most people think are irritating, at best, may be seen as the perfect fit for one little bit that's been added as an afterthought to the scene where Donny loses his lunch just before the epiphany that sets him on the path toward the title. Or not. Anyway, I'm going, courtesy of the dumbed-down website called "". I signed up (after Boston Casting emailed me), and they called me verifying my attendance. I have two 'tickets' (so to speak) so if anyone wants to join me, first come first served. Email me at, if you're interested. If not, tune in next week to read the riveting story of my day.

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