Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zombie Pilgrims

Day three of the production of a rock video for the band, The Long Walls, and I have decided to go for the casual zombie look. On Day One I was dressed - allegedly, as a concert-goer, but was selected to be zombified before the music started. On Day two I donned a Goodwill suit (hideous green with a snakes-eye-tie to match), and the make-up artist (Corinne 'Gorey Corey' Erickson) matched my suit with a dark, Frankenstein-style demeanor. But after two long days mainly standing around waiting (the usual routine for extras in films big and small) I decided that on this last day of the shoot I would simply wear an old gray 'Colby' T-shirt, and tattered jeans. I'll write more of my first zombie film adventure in the coming days, but right now I have to do a few loads of wash, have breakfast (entrails, liver, and an assortment of chicken parts), and get down to the set. (pictured: Zombies Bob Maffeo and Mike Rydberg, pondering what to have for lunch)

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