Monday, September 21, 2009

Zombies Need Not Apply?

Boston Casting is seeking NONUNION audience members for the show "Deal or No Deal." The job shoots in Waterford , Conn. ( about a 2 hour drive from Boston ) tomorrow(Tuesday, Sept 22nd) through Thursday, the 24th. They are looking for people 18-45 years old with High Energy (Zombies need not apply). Please email a photo and phone number to

You know though... I wonder what a show like that would pay for a cast of Zombies? That is, if we could promise them 50 Zombies for say, a show meant to be shown on Halloween or for a special event, would they be interested. Right now, if you signed up to be an audience member you'd get the standard 8 for 8 (I guess): that is, $8 an hour for eight hours, time and a half after that. These kinds of TV shoots usually keep to their budgets, so you might get six hours of work and earn $48 before taxes. That's not a lot - especially considering the two hour drive to Connecticut. But for Zombies delivered to their door, maybe they would pay twice that.. Any thoughts? Otherwise, for the standard pay, and the limited experience, I wouldn't suggest anyone who isnt already a devotee of Howie Mandel to bother. (By the way, that's Howie in the pic above, playing a sort of Zombie, with Fred Savage in the film "Little Monsters".)

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